Recent activities

Here are some of our highlight activities from recent years.


You need shades to look at these t-shirts!

Technicolour Beavers!


Both Beaver Colonies spent a meeting night creating technicolour  masterpieces as they learned how to tie-dye t-shirts.


This is just one of many opportunities youngsters have within the Beaver programme to take part in creative activities.


As you can see from this photo of our Bruce Colony (Thursday) Beavers, they really enjoy showing off the results of their hard work!

Photo from Dunfermline Press - handing over the gifts

Beavers Christmas Good Turn


For Christmas 2019, our Beaver Scouts wanted wanted to help some of Fife's most vulnerable families.


Our two Colonies then set about organising a collection of toiletries, hats and scarves for homeless people.


Ruth Young, from Frontline Fife was able to assist the Beavers by letting them know what was most needed. She is seen in this photo (from the Dunfermline Press), collecting the items from some of the Beavers and their Leaders to ensure that they would reach the people most in need.


This was a part of their work for the Community Impact Activity Badge. The Beavers themselves decided that they wanted to help the homeless.

James Bond had a jetpack - the Beavers have bungees!

Beaver and Cub weekend at Fordell Firs


Our Beavers and Cubs took part in their own one-night sleepover activities in the Henderson Building at Fordell Firs.


Beavers arrived first, on Friday evening and became spies. First came a series of training activities, including creating false identification papers, becoming masters of disguise and learning to write in secret codes.


This was followed by a series of secret missions on Her Majesty's Secret Service - testing the Beavers newly-acquired skills to the limits in the great outdoors!!

The Cubs meet Oor Wullie

The Beavers headed home of Saturday afternoon. In the evening, more than 30 Cub Scouts arrived for their event. 


This was the first weekend after Hallowe'en so the Centre had been transformed into a spooky wonderland in keeping with the creepy theme of the first part of the event.


Of course, the second night of camp became another first night and wasn't just as quiet as normal! Sunday saw the Cubs taking part in a variety of Scouting skills activities, including pioneering and ropework

Skating - just - at the Time Capsule

Big Day Out to Time Capsule


A group of Scouts and Explorers enjoyed a very busy day at this popular attraction in Coatbridge.


First, a session in the water park - swimming, rapids,  flumes and slides plus a huge bucket of water that spills all over unsuspecting swimmers every twenty minutes or so. Everyone seemed to like this and getting all of the group back out at the end of the session was challenging!


Then after lunch, it was off to the ice area to spend ages putting on boots only to find that they were too big or too small, then slip, slide and fall over quite a lot!

The Group at Planet Earth Camp

Planet Earth Group Camp


More than 80 youngsters took part in our biggest Group Weekend Camp since we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2015. All themed around Planet Earth with conservation, environmental issues and plastic waste reduction right at the heart of the many activities provided. Planet Earth Day on Saturday saw 18 practical activities relating to the world around us, above us and below us.


From creating their own environmental message on t-shirts, journeying to the centre of the earth, searching for dinosaur fossils to meeting some of the many animals we share the planet with, exploring other planets and creating new cities for the future.


This incredibly busy weekend also saw 20 adventurous activities provided on the site over Saturday and Sunday mornings along with wide games, challenges, mini-hikes, a campfire plus opportunities to catch up on some camping skills. Everyone earned a special badge and a certificate and we hope they'll all be a little more aware of the important issues facing our planet!

Teamwork on Jacob's Ladder

Summer Adventures at Lochgoilhead


Scouts and Explorers took part in Summer Camp 2019 at Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead. The young people enjoyed a week of exciting and challenging activities - including climbing, abseiling, archery, sailing, kayaking and canoeing.


The Survivalist Activity Badge was on offer and over a couple of days, most completed the shelter-building, firelighting and other survival skills required - including a sleepout night. Other Scouts chose to complete the Climber Activity badge.


The weather was incredibly varied - alternating throughout the week between sunshine, rain and thick mist. The group also had a day visit to Helensburgh and a treasure trail around Lochgoilhead, so a varied and really busy week.

The winning team - with adult Leaders!

Top Cubs!


A team from our Forth Pack proved that they're the town's top Cubs by winning the Mowgli Shield competition.


Competing against Cubs from all over Dunfermline District, the youngsters were tested on all sorts of Cub Scout skills, from knots to maps, Compasses to pioneering. Some have only recently joined Cubs so it was great to see them doing so well.


It also restarts our winning streak, having been top Cubs for five of the last six years!

Our Beavers in front of Loch Ore

Beavers on the trail!


Both of our Beaver Colonies (and a couple of rogue cubs) took part in JOTT, joined by parents and some furry friends. Jamboree on the Trail is a worldwide event involving scouts from all countries hiking together at the same time.


The youngsters walked around Lochore Meadows with other Beavers from Dunfermline District, before enjoying a BBQ, wide games and some songs.


A great opportunity to meet and mix with Beavers from other groups and explore the outdoors. Even the wet weather didn't put us off!! 

The water slides were a great attraction - even in the rain!

Big Day Out at Landmark 


On May 4th, we travelled to an adventure park far, far away! Snow, hail, dark skies and sunshine - practically all four seasons in one day, but still no problem for 50 Beavers, Cubs, Leaders and a sprinkling of Scouts. 


The force was with them as they managed to ignore the elements and have an exciting and exhausting day out at this terrific adventure park at Carrbridge.


The new, indoors and very warm Butterfly House was a welcome part of the day - except for those wearing glasses. Some youngsters still insisted on getting wet in the maze, sliding down very wet chutes and buying ice creams. Honestly, you'd think it was summer!

Looking very calm with lots of excitable Cub Scouts

Guide Dogs visit Cubs


Both Cub Packs had a visit from some Guide Dogs for the Blind and their trainers.


As you can see, the dogs were incredibly calm and well-behaved despite meeting dozens of excitable 8-10 year-olds. Just goes to prove how effective the training is.


The youngsters were finding out about people who help in the community and disability awareness.

Beavers listen intentively to Cara, the Fife Council Urban Ranger

Discovering Calais Woods


Both Beaver Colonies each spent an evening exploring nearby Calais Woods, finding out about their history and the trees, plants and animals to be found there.


Youngsters from the Scout Group have been regular visitors to the woods for more than 50 years for nature studies, the countryside code and for outdoor scouting activities.


By continuing this link, we hope to ensure respect for these urban nature areas and that they remain an important part of our community.


The proud team display their medals and the shield

Safest Cubs in town!


Our Tay Pack has come on top in the Dunfermline District Cub Scout Safety Shield competition for the third year in succession.


Just to be sure that we do have the safest Cubs in town, our Forth Pack took second place!


At the competition, held in Dunfermline Fire Station, Cubs were tested on a whole range of safety issues on no fewer than 11 bases - from cycle and road safety to fire, water and 999 procedures. Well done to both teams and their Leaders.

Okay, we didn't invent spag bol, but it is good!

Made in Scotland: Beaver and Cub Weekend Camp


The Beaver and Cub Weekend returned after a one-year break. Our theme this year was Made in Scotland - discoveries, inventions and famous firsts from Scotland and Scots.


Around 35 youngsters enjoyed a really busy weekend finding out about the leading roles Scots played in bicycles, optics, rainwear, explorers, road-building, sports, medicine, entertainment, cars and motor sports, food, business, telephones, radar and the railplane!


Hopefully, everyone came away having learned about something they didn't know was Scottish!

A sunny day in Blackpool

Big Day Out to Blackpool Pleasure Beach


This was a first for us for a Big Day Out although the Scouts visited the park some years ago as part of a summer camp programme.


Up for a 5.15am start was a bit of a shock for most of us but once there we had lots to take our minds off the lack of sleep!


The weather turned out really nice and as a result, the park was very busy. Clever Scouts got on all the good rides before the queues got too long!

The Alps dominate the landscape in the Aosta Valley

Summer Adventure in France and Italy


Our 2018 Summer camp was a fast-moving adventure. We travelled by coach all the way to the Ardeche region in the South of France for an amazing two-day canoe trip along the Ardeche River, with an overnight "bivvie-style" sleepout.


Our better than usual summer didn't quite prepare us for such high temperatures with some parts of the gorge reaching nearly 40c!


Then we were on our away again - through the Mont Blanc tunnel and in to the Aosta Valley in the north of Italy. A full day of river rafting and another day of gorge-walking, climbing and rock scrambling ended an exciting week!


Cubs in the frame for ocean conservation

Beavers and Cubs on safari!


Our 2018 Big Day Out saw more than 40 Beavers, Cubs and adults head off "on safari" to Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park.


Hot, sunny weather made everyone feel as if they were on the African savannah! The youngsters had time for the coach safari, the boat trip to Chimp Island, lots of time in the adventure play area, the sea lion show, farm animals area and not to forget the Flying Fox and pedal boats.


There was also a lot of themed activity around ocean conservation (in photo) and of course, the gift shop and lots of ice cream!!

Cubs enjoy baked bananas and chocolate

Weekend Camping Adventures


We held three BASEcamp activities through 2018, providing a central base for catering and support and allowing the Section Leaders to get on with job of providing a weekend camp for the youngsters.


In April, 25 Cubs and Scouts took part in the weekend, along with 10 Explorer Scouts completing a more basic "greenfield" camping experience on another site at Fordell.


In May, 12 Beaver Scouts took part - sleeping out in tents for the first time! We also had an increased number of Cubs and Scouts taking part, with 34 of them joining in the adventure. Our Explorers were also at Fordell for the weekend, with their own two-night camp.


Our final weekend took place at the end of August, with a smaller number of around a dozen Scouts and Explorers taking part in a weekend of practical camping skills. Some of our young people have become quite experienced campers this year!

Beavers ready to head into Dynamic Earth

Beavers take a journey through time!


Our Beaver Scouts recently visited Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. We travelled by train which was very exciting and then hiked along the Royal Mile to reach our destination. Once inside we were transported through time and set off exploring!


We discovered all about how our earth has evolved over millions of years, learning about the age of the dinosaurs to the wonders of the rainforest!


We became astronomers discovering the wonders of the universe before heading off to the most exciting part of any trip - the gift shop!!


Explorer camps


Invertrossachs - September 2018


Part of a series of one-night events which have included Fordell Firs and a number of camp sites around the east central belt area.


Clip and Climb at EICC Ratho

Super Hero Weekend - January 2018


A weekend camp in the new Sir Garth Morrison building at Fordell Firs saw a whole range of activities with a super hero theme.


Highlight was the clip and climb at the EICC at Ratho, where the explorers were able to use their "Spidey" skills to climb the various walls!


The group at the National World War 2 Memorial

Capital Camps!


1. Washington DC


Our Explorer Scouts spent a week in the capital of the USA following their two-week stay in Florida. A visit to the National Mall took in the Lincoln Memorial, Korean War memorial and (left) the National WW2 memorial

An arresting stop at the FBI headquarters!

Other visits included the National Air and Space Museum, Museum of American History, the Capitol Building, White House and a quick photo opportunity outside the FBI headquarters.


We also had time to visit the National Zoo (the only day it rained and wasn't at least 30c) and, of course, we had time for shopping day in one of the city's massive malls.

Lord Amory sits in shadow of new tower blocks

2. London


More than 30 Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders spent the first week of the October 2017 school holidays discovering the UK capital city.


Staying on board The Lord Amory at the Dockland Scout Project, the group had a busy week of trips and visits, including The London Eye, open-top bus tour around London, the Science Museum, Hamleys, M&M World and a full day in Chessington World of Adventures theme park.


We also managed to walk through Trafalgar Square, down The Mall for  photos outside Buckingham Palace and travel all round London on lots of tube lines!

The team pose with the completed platform

Explorer Camps


Camping two metres ABOVE the ground


To achieve this challenge, the intrepid aerial campers built a tent platform. This was a significant pioneering project and not something that you can complete on arrival at a campsite in the evening. 

The group at the Nineacres Totem Pole

Camping on an island


A night Nineacres Memorial Campsite at Crook-of-Devon (in the photo) during March 2017. Islands are great fun - except for that constant running water sound all night!


In April 2017,  they spent a night in bothy accommodation at The Craigs campsite, near Bathgate.

Looking down into the caves

Camping in caves


The Explorer Scouts spent a night in the artificial caving complex at Fordell Firs.


This completed the October challenge for some of our Explorers - although sleeping with those hard hats on was an even bigger challenge!

Beavers and Cubs head to Dundee

Sand and lights to create different landscapes

Our Beaver and Cub Big Day Out in May 2017 saw 50 youngsters and adults head for Dundee.


First came Camperdown Park Animal Centre, followed by adventure play and lunch (in torrential rain!).


Then it was on to the Dundee Science Centre for the rest of the day, carrying out important experiments!!

Beaver Scouts back in the Old West!

The youngsters display their native American handcrafts!

March 2017 saw more than 20 Beaver Scouts taking part in a one-night sleepover at Fordell Firs - travelling back in time to the American Old West.


They tried out Native American and rancher activities including rope work, costumes, snap guns and tomahawks.


Then, on Saturday morning, they were able to try out real archery and make tribal totem poles.

Winter Weekend camps for all

Yes, the secret's out. Scouts do know how to vacuum a bedroom!

Around 100 youngsters took part in our two indoor camps over the winter of 2016-17. In November, Beavers and Cubs stayed in the Scout Hall and at Fordell and came together at Fordell on the Saturday for a packed programme of festive-themed activities.


In January, our Scout and Explorers enjoyed a winter adventure programme, including sessions on the aerial challenge course at the EICC at Ratho, air rifle shooting at Cluny Clays and outdoor activities at Lochore Meadows.


Both camps had a range of activities on-site at Fordell Firs, including Jacobs Ladder, archery and 3-G swing.



Thanks to ASDA St Leonards shoppers

We were delighted to win the support of ASDA customers who voted for us in the months running up to Christmas 2016.


Thanks to your "green tokens" we collected our cheque for £500 which we'll put to good use in the Scout Centre fund.


Here you can see some of our young people collecting the cheque in store.

Discovering York

The group ready to climb the steps to the castle!

Our final one-week camp of 2016 saw a group of Cubs, Scouts and Explorers discovering the attractions of York and the surrounding area.


Travelling by minibus and staying at the York International Youth Hostel, the group visited:

  • National Railway Museum
  • Yorkshire Air Museum
  • York Castle (in photo)
  • York Museum

and in case that was all too much culture, we had a whole day in Flamingo Land theme park!



Big Day Out to Glasgow Science Centre

This looks "armless"!

Around 80 youngsters and Leaders spent a day in the amazing Glasgow Science Centre.


There are so many hands-on science activities to try out, the youngsters are never bored! Keeping track of them is the real challenge as they run between displys and activites!


We also enjoyed a movie in the Planetarium and, of course, the visit to the shop!

Circus Camp!

Watching the fire swingers in action!

Our end-of-holidays weekend camp 2016 took place at Fordell Firs, for 32 Scouts and Explorers.


In true Scottish summer style, Friday evening was wet, windy and dismal, but with Saturday and Sunday improving! On Saturday morning, fires were built and lunch cooked, then an afternoon walk to Dalgety Bay beach and a shopping stop in ASDA!


Our evening entertainment was a visit to the circus! A training circus, based at Fordell for the week, put on it's end-of-week show. It was really good - and very different from our usual campfire! Sunday morning site activities then time to strike camp and head home.

Summer Camp and Royal Visit

The Cubs are ready for their canoeing session!

Our 2016 Summer Adventure Camp took place at The Lochgoilhead Centre. 24 Cubs, Scouts and Explorers and 6 Leaders took part in a packed programme of sailing, canoeing, kayaking, abseiling, climbing, high ropes, backwoods activities, archery and more - including learning how to avoid the midgies!! 


We were also very excited to be part of a visit to the centre by HRH The Earl of Wessex. This was part of the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Our Explorers took part in a raft race against other youth organisations (coming in 3rd place) and, along with some Scouts and Leaders, were able to chat with the Earl.

Expeditions Month

Journey end - overlooking the Forth Bridge

This year, we decided to make sure our young people had an opportunity to complete the expedition element of their Chief Scout's Gold and Platinum Awards. From the end of May through to the end of June around 15 youngsters, supported by a team of adults, completed a series of expeditions and hikes .


The Scouts completed a Coastal Path walk to Fordell Firs for their Gold Award and Explorers completed two weekend activities - a practice two-day hike along the Coastal Path with an overnight at Fordell Firs, then a qualifying two-day event in the Pentland Hills, using Bonaly camp site as their base.


We're pleased to say that this led to completion of the award by Marco, Craig and Emily. Well done to them - and more to follow!

Big Day Out at Landmark

Honestly, we didn't mean to get wet!

More than 60 young people and adults took part in our first Big Day Out of 2016, with a trip to Landmark Forest Adventure Park at Carrbridge.


It's quite a long bus trip to get there - more than two hours - but once there, everyone made the most of the day with all sorts of activities from climbing and rope trails to the roller coaster, water slides, mazes and, of course, shops!

Hiking's "snow" joke in Scotland!

Snow surrounds the group on the Lomond Hills

A Lomond Hills day hike in late April is not where you expect to be crunching through three foot snow drifts, but that's just what happened to this group of Explorers.


The snow thinned out a little to allow this photo to be taken, but there were areas where it was quite deep - and it hailed during the day, just to remind us winter hadn't quite gone.


Yet, by the next weekend, the snow had gone, but it was good for the youngsters to get some experience of winter walking!

Easter Camp in Dublin

Photocall at the Halfpenny Bridge in Dublin

24 Scouts, Explorers and Leaders spent a week exploring the Irish capital, Dublin. The group were based at the Larch Hill International Scout & Guide Centre. Two full days were spent exploring the city, including Dublin Zoo and the open-top bus tour.


The young people were given time to explore the city in smaller groups and other visits included Dublinia and sites from the Easter Rising, which took place 100 years ago to the month. Shopping was also high on the must-do list, including many souvenir shops and the Scout Shop!


The Scout Centre provided a day of activities including geocaching, archery, grass sledging and high ropes. An excellent visit which we hope to run again at some time.

Zodiac Awards Challenge

A damp morning greets the campers at Fordell Firs

We've run the Zodiac Award Challenge throughout winter, starting last September at The Craigs camp site in West Lothian then followed by regular monthly events right through to March 2016.


There were a few below zero nights with some light snow and frost, but mostly the youngsters had to contend with damp, muddy and cold conditions but this hasn't stopped an average of 24 youngsters taking part each month.


They're certainly keen to get the award and improve their camping skills. We hope to continue the activity through to September this year.

Game of Thrones

A patrol returns behind the safety of The Wall!

Our Scout and Explorer Wintercamp2016 had a new-look with lots of new activities introduced to keep our older members active all weekend and introduce them to the intrigue of power games and plotting to take their place on the Iron Throne!


More than 30 Scouts and Explorers took part in the weekend, which included a Zodiac Sleepout option.


The Game of Thrones challenge took place over the two days, involving around eight team challenges and culminated in the final, brutal paperclip showdown to win the right to sit on the Iron Throne.


We also included caving, climbing, challenge course, hiking, Jacob's Ladder and the 3-G swing in a very busy programme.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Trying out motorbikes for size!

Our 2015 Winter Weekend Camp for Beavers and Cubs took place at Fordell Firs. Around 50 youngsters took part with activities themed around methods of transport - cars, planes, ships, rockets, trains, bikes and helicopters.


These included slot-car racing, making a railway safety video, water-pressure rockets, bike safety, gliders and remote-control helicopters.


We even had some really cool motor bikes for the youngsters to try out for size and find out more about. On Sunday, Campsite activities for the Cubs included caving, archery and crate-climbing. The weekend also included a railways challenge event, campfire, visit to the Fordell shop and a movie.

Alton Towers trip

Nemesis - will we or will we not?

We didn't manage to fill this trip, but that was offset by great weather and a fairly quiet day in the park which allowed our thrill-seekers to really make the most of the day.


We also had a smart new coach from Docherty’s - our regular transport provider. All in all, one of our best days out to Alton Towers! 

West Lothian weekend at The Craigs

Self-select lunch!

18 Scouts and Explorers took part in a traditional camping weekend at this excellent site owned by West Lothian Scouts.


Sleeping in smaller hike tents instead of the larger group tents, the young people took part in firelighting, open-fire cooking, preparing and cooking all of the weekend’s meals, pioneering, wide games, a campfire with local Scouts and visits to the Cairnpapple Hill prehistoric burial mound and Beecraigs Park.


Better than expected weather helped to make this an excellent end-of-season weekend camp and kicked off our Zodiac Award all-year camping challenge.

Beavers and Cubs at M&Ds 

Where did I put my money?

Nearly 40 of our Beaver Scouts and Cubs had a wild day out in M&Ds theme park!


Excellent weather helped a great deal as the youngsters enjoyed most of the rides in the park.


Some were too small for the big rides, but made up for that by going on the other rides as often as they could!

East Fortune Airshow Visit

In the shadow of the Phantom!

A group of Cubs and Scouts went to the Scottish Airshow at the Museum of Flight at East Fortune. The weather was bright and sunny and great for watching the various flying displays - including a superb show by the Red Arrows.


We had the chance to visit various stalls and check out various parts of the Museum, including Concorde.

Explorer Scout Hiking Weekend

Overlooking Edinburgh

A group of Explorer Scouts completed two days hiking in the Pentland Hills. Although it rained quite heavily in the evenings and during the night, it remained dry throughout the "walking times".


This was good experience for them - allowing them to continue building up a log-book of hiking experience and for more challenging activities in future.

Alpine Adventure to celebrate 50 years!

The end of the Alpine rafting trip

Our anniversary summer camp was in Italy and Germany. Our Alpine Adventure included white water rafting, kayaking, high ropes, climbing, abseiling and gorge walking - all in the shadow of the Alps.


Our return trip was via Germany where we spent two nights in a Bonn hotel and visited Phantasialand - one of Europe's top theme parks.

Blair Drummond Safari Park 

65 youngsters, along with 18 adults and Young Leaders, visited the safari park on a fairly wet and cool June Saturday. Despite the disappointing weather, the group had a very busy day, trying to fit in as many attractions and activities as possible and, as usual, leaving the visit to the shop to the last minute, resulting in a mad rush to buy souvenirs and sweets! 

50th Anniversary Camp

The campers gather in front of the Party Tent!

More than 100 youngsters took part in our 50th Anniversary Camp at Fordell Firs. Everyone camped (the Beavers slept in pop-up tents in the wet weather hall!), stretching our tent stock to the limits. Friday night wide games were organised and Saturday and Sunday mornings saw everyone taking part in campsite activities - from caving and climbing to archery  and Jacob's Ladder.


Everyone took part in the Party in the Tent on Saturday afternoon and a campfire on Saturday evening. The weather wasn't so good on Sunday and strong winds limited the closing activities - but this did not diminish the overall success of the camp.


Thanks to all the adults who gave us time over the weekend and before and after and to the youngsters for their enthusiastic participation.

The Party in the Tent

Cutting the cake!

Our 100 campers were joined by around 200 family, friends and previous Scout Group members for a three-hour Party in the Tent.


Inside a massive marquee, we organised a Scout Group history display, art and crafts, home baking, tuck shop, music, two inflatables, Fordell souvenir shop, hot food, activity equipment, a 1960's campsite and a Zoo to You from the Five Sisters Zoo.


Outside we had a lorry from Collier Haulage and two fire engines from the Scottish Fire Service. It was a great success, with warm, sunny weather and lots to see and do - and even a cake to cut!

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